Strike | 22 | She/he | ⚤ | Canada

Hello! I'm Strike, and I'm an animation student working towards my Diploma in Animation. My plan is to become a Character Designer, BG Artist & Storyboard Artist for games, TV shows, & movies!

I'm incredibly shy and interracting with people makes me anxious most of the time. But I'm always willing to talk on my twitter account!

You can use either She or he (her/him) pronouns, but not it/their/them please!

More about me I guess?

- I'm diagnosed with; Depression, Social Anxiety, & some other things. However I am currently seeing a therapist and working hard to improve myself!

- I'm in a 2 year long relationship with the most wonderful boyfriend I've ever had in my life. Bless his heart~

- Being constantly paranoid and anxious, it's hard to talk to others or get to know people. ;w; I do try to follow back most of the time, but I like to keep my TL clutter free; so please don't take it personally if I don't follow you back!

- I have a select few interests I like to talk about, and sometimes I'll go on a tweeting spree about them!

- If there's drama going around, I usually try to avoid it due to not liking conflict (For mental health reasons). But if it has anything to do with mutuals/friends, I'll be a literal pitbull.

- Please let me know in a KIND MANNER if I have done or said anything wrong, rather than blocking me out of no where. I always like to resolve things, rather than have lingering tension.

- My choice of saying my mental illnesses here, stays here. Please DO NOT use them against me, or to mock me. That's hurtful and you just look like an idiot ass in the end. :^\

- For anyone who's against kids/having kids, please save your opinions to yourself. My choice to have a family is me and my boyfriend's choice. Please avoid saying such things around me.

- If I don't reply to DMs right away, please be patient! I have college and a very ""interesting"" homelife, so responses are mostly scarce from time to time. (Plus DMs scare me).


Art Tumblr



*Official Site

*My website is currently under construction still, do to the fact I have a lack of art in my current style. I'll be updating/completing it between March-July. (Depends on my college work load!)

Big Interests!



Sonic the Hedgehog (Mainly Shadow)

Other Interests





Sims (3 and 4)

SOME Anime (I'm not really into much of the recent stuff or anime in general anymore).